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Kalipso Studio Webinar About RFID

Kalipso Studio Webinar About RFID
During August, our team started a series of webinars to help people interested in Kalipso Studio understanding what the benefits and potentials of our tool are.

Hosting 3 sessions – in Spanish, Portuguese and English – we were able to help 50 different people from all around the world getting a better insight of the tool. These sessions were based on the RFID subject: How to build an RFID mobile app for inventory count with Kalipso Studio.

There were some questions asked during these sessions. We let you with some of the questions and answers here:

Is it possible to use Low Energy RFID?

If the scanner supports that type of reading and the tags also support it, you can use it.

Is it possible to add a tag finder function? Like for example, you can enter a tag ID and show a bar indicating the RSSI on that tag.

This is possible to be done. In the form, when the tag was found, you would compare to the tag you were looking for with the one that was read. According to the signal strength, it could be possible to add a progress bar to show the proximity of that tag in specific.

Can I include barcode scanning in an app that uses RFID?

Of course yes. Basically, it is possible to add it in the same way as RFID.

What RFID readers and platforms are supported in Kalipso?

Kalipso in Windows Mobile/CE supports readers from the following Manufacturers: EMS Jet and EMS HF series; Intermec; Syscan CF; ACG; Baracoda; Unitech; Psion UHF and HF; Nordic ID; Cipherlab. Zebra Devices are supported in both Windows Mobile/CE and Android.

Would you like to watch this session? Please contact us here.