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What is Kalipso Studio?

Kalipso Studio is a platform that allows you to create, build and deploy mobile applications in a fast and easy way - with no need for coding. This happens thanks to its low code environment that will not require any deep knowledge of coding. Kalipso will drastically reduce your project's development costs, allowing you to deliver your professional apps on time; this will lead to reduced cost and therefore increase your ROI.

With customers around more than 70 different countries, several application examples might be found – integrating emerging technologies such as barcoding, RFID, NFC, GPS or mobile printing.

Here are some reasons why you should choose Kalipso Studio:

- Code abstraction with an easy and intuitive interface;
- Deployment to multiple OS (Android, Windows 10, Windows Mobile, Windows CE, iOS);
- Multi-language – develop your APPs with the languages you need, translating it at the same time you are building it;
- Several updates and upgrades;
- Integration of several SDKs from different hardware manufacturers (this is particularly important when it comes to barcoding or RFID apps because you won’t need to integrate an SDK by yourself);
- Phone and E-mail support;
- Personal training, as well as online tutorials;
- Unlimited deploy of different apps for different devices (no royalties).

All these points are essential to make Kalipso Studio a great tool to build any kind of mobile applications:

- Warehousing related apps;
- Field services van sales;
- Inventory;
- Route accounting;
- Veterinary;
- Logistics;
- Medical;
- Energy;
- Agriculture;
- ... and many more!

Like said before, the platform has all the necessary technology such as barcoding, RFID, NFC and printing is already implemented in the platform, and by simply drag and drop buttons and actions you easily build your solution. The best part is that it will let you focus on the process, instead of losing time thinking about how to code such activity in your app.